A hallmark is a quality control mark on jewellery made of precious metal. Sometimes called a hall, assay or standard mark, it is usually applied after accurate independent testing by an Assay Office. Hallmarking is the world’s first known instance of consumer protection law, dating back to about 1300 AD. 

Element Jewellery hallmark their jewellery collections and bespoke jewellery at the Sheffield Assay Office. Most items made by Element Contemporary Jewellery will be assayed with the mark ECJ. All of the individual designer collections will be hallmarked by the individual designer.


A UK hallmark now contains three compulsory symbols, the sponsor’s mark, a number indicating the purity or fineness in parts per thousand, and an Assay Office mark. So you may see your piece of Element Jewellery hallmarked as follows:

Silver jewellery           ECJ  – 925  – Sheffield Assay Office Mark (rose)
9ct gold jewellery      ECJ – 375 – Sheffield Assay Office Mark (rose)
18ct gold jewellery    ECJ – 750 – Sheffield Assay Office Mark (rose)
Platinum jewellery     ECJ – 950 – Sheffield Assay Office Mark (rose)