Titanium Wedding Ring Guide

Titanium is pure, strong, and extremely light, and a great alternative for people who value these qualities over traditional precious metals for their wedding rings.

Titanium Wedding Rings


The Tech Bit

Titanium is as strong as steel but 45 percent lighter. It is twice as strong as aluminium. Titanium is resistant to dilute sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, most organic acids, most chlorine gas and chloride solutions, which means its safe to swim in your titanium jewellery.

Where does Titanium come from

Titanium is found in space and on Earth. It is present in meteorites, the sun, and M-type stars. Rocks from Apollo lunar missions showed the presence of titanium. 

You could set off on a space mission or alternatively you could pay Element a visit in Hebden Bridge, and find a great selection of beautifully crafted titanium wedding rings.

Handmade in the UK

The Titanium Wedding rings sold at Element Jewellery are all handmade in the UK by Prism design, based in Wiltshire. A lovely firm of jewellers, who have invested heavily in state of the art machinery to enable them to produce classic and innovative designs from the highest grade of titanium available. 

Your titanium wedding rings will be handmade within 2-4 weeks, or you may find one of the rings from our stock collection is the perfect fit.

Can you size a Titanium Wedding Ring?

Due to the tencile strength of titanium it is very difficult to alter the size of a ring. However, it can be done up to a size difference for most plain titanium wedding rings.

Laser engraving

With the very latest laser engraving techniques, we are able to offer this service for around £40 for a simple name and date. Allow your imagination to flow, as we can engrave finger prints, skylines, coastlines, your own handwriting.