Jewellery featured on the Element website contains basic information about dimensions and fit. It sounds obvious, but it's a good idea to check that the dimensions we have given will be suitable for the shape and size of your neck, wrist, and fingers.

If you’d prefer to try a piece of contemporary jewellery on at home, you can return it to us within 14 days if you feel it's not right. Please see our returns policy for the ins and outs.

Bangles & Bracelets
Most women’s bracelets are made to a length of 20cm, and 22cm for guys. These sizes are for average sized wrists. In some cases, lengths can be altered for a small charge. Bangles are a slightly different matter, in that you need to consider the width of your hand, as well as the size of your wrist. Even though an average size bangle with an internal diameter of 65mm (circumference of 20cm) might be ample on your wrist, you need to consider if it will comfortably go over your hand.

Necklaces and pendants
Your choice of necklace length depends on the look you’re trying to create as well as how it will fit. An average 16” or 45cm necklace would typically fall to just below the collar bone on a woman with a 12-14 bust size, of 5’ 5” height. The same length necklace would fall differently on someone of a different build and height. Element Jewellery may be able to extend or shorten some necklaces for a small charge. For an idea of the length that works best for you, measure one of your own necklaces, considering the clothing you will be wearing it with.

Ring sizing - comfort and fit
It’s important that your ring feels right for you. Some people prefer a good snug fit; others prefer a looser fitting ring. You typically need a half or a full size smaller for rings less than 4mm in width. Opt for at least a full size larger for rings more than 5mm in width. Some people have slim fingers with bigger knuckles, and it’s a balance between finding a ring you can fit over your knuckle and one that’s comfortable to wear.

Free Ring Sizer
If you are unsure of your ring size, we can provide a free rinky dinky ring sizing belt. This comes with a ring sizing guide to help you get a little closer to the perfect fit. Simply contact us, and we will send one out to you the same day.

Only use this as a guide - for an accurate measurement pop into your local jewellers, particularly for surprise designer engagement rings!