Recycled gold

Use recycled gold from your own jewellery as an ethical alternative to using Fairtrade Gold

Recycled gold

Using gold you may already own to create new jewellery is an ethical alternative to using Fairtrade Gold.

Element are able to offer a bespoke jewellery service from design to creation of new jewellery from your old gold, diamonds and gemstones.

If you would like to use your own metal, we would like to make you aware of a few things. The metal used in your jewellery may have a high degree of porosity, or it may contain solders or alloys that can make it unsuitable for casting. We recommend that only metal with a UK hallmark of 750 or above (applicable to gold and platinum/palladium) can be re-cast.

It will only become apparent after the melting down and re-casting of your metal as to its success. Once we have carried out the re-casting, which may prove to be unsuccessful, we can sometimes remedy the situation by adding new metal (an additional cost to you that we would agree with you beforehand).

The purity of your metal may have been hallmarked prior to it being remodelled, but we cannot guarantee that your new item of jewellery will be hallmarked to the same purity, especially if it contains new metal.