Niessing Sine 6mm

This Niessing ring is an incredible feat of engineering - a flat band is indented from the outside; the pattern forms a regular wave. The ring is almost closed again on top, all except for a tiny shift in the lines that creates a lively trail. This particular Sine ring is priced as 6mm in 18ct yellow gold.

The Niessing Sine ring is also available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. You can choose to have 18ct yellow gold or 18ct grey gold. For technical reasons it is not possible to make the Sine ring in Platinum.

For further information about the Niessing Sine ring, please read tabs below the product image.

Due to fluctuating prices of precious metals, and Euro exchange rates, we cannot guarantee that the price published here will be the price you are able to buy this item of jewellery for. We will contact you as soon as we receive your order to confirm the current price, or please contact us for a quotation.


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Internationally recognised

Niessing are an internationally renowned firm of jewellers that has been conceiving, creating, and producing jewellery in Vreden, Germany for over 140 years.

Niessing was originally founded in 1873 as a workshop for devotional objects, with wedding rings also being produced beside ecclesiastical ornaments. Today, Niessing is one of the top manufacturers of premium, contemporary German jewellery design.

It is easy to recognize Niessing jewellery. Each piece embodies a fundamental concept - the essence of a form, a material, or a technique. Trust your intuition - you can always tell which piece of jewellery is genuinely Niessing. With a tradition of fine craftsmanship, you can enjoy the very best in contemporary jewellery.


Award Winning Design

The Niessing Tension ring is an award winning original design which has been included in the collections of museums, recognized as a piece of art in 2001, and it is protected by copyright.


The Busse Long-life Design Award was given to the Niessing Tension ring in 1999. Designed by Walter Wittek, is remains a design classic.

Niessing is always being recognised and awarded in the field of design innovation from various bodies including Red Dot and the Platinum Guild. Take a look at their full repetoire!


The Niessing and Element jewellery Love Affair

Element’s relationship began with Niessing in 2006, and we have been learning about and falling in love with Niessing since then.

A trip to their workshops in 2007 introduced us to their philosophies and techniques. We have shared our expert knowledge with many Niessing customers, and as we continue to learn, we love to share.

Free Niessing Downloads

For Free Advice and Downloads about Niessing, please browse the Element Jewellery bookshelf. Should you require any printed material, please feel free to request a physical copy, and we will post this to you Free of Charge. Or read the Element Jewellery Blog for Niessing insights.