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Niessing rect round ring

This rectangular round profile Niessing wedding ring actually has a domed inside surface, ensuring a comfortable fit, yet retains a clean and simple appearance with a flat outer surface.

Niessing wedding rings have a wonderful feel to them, with contemporary profiles in any width you need. Niessing rings are forged rather than cast, ensuring your Rectangular Round profile ring is a complete circle without a join, and has a superior inherent strength.

Please allow around 4 - 6 weeks for your wedding ring to be made and hallmarked. If you have a pressing deadline we will do our best to meet this for you; please call us to discuss.

We hope that you find our published quotations competitive and reasonable. Please contact us should you wish to discuss the price featured online.

Should you wish to try on the various Niessing wedding rings, we’d love to welcome you to our contemporary jewellery boutique in Hebden Bridge. Element house a fabulous and playful collection of their full range of rings in different profiles, widths, finishes and metals. Try on as many options as you like so you can gain an appreciation of the metal colour, weight, finish and overall feel of your

wedding ring.

Oh, and should you have any engraving requirements, please give us a call.

Element can guide you through your choices and size you correctly using the Niessing sizing bands, as we are committed to helping you to find your perfect Niessing Wedding ring.


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Internationally recognised

Niessing are an internationally renowned firm of jewellers that has been conceiving, creating, and producing jewellery in Vreden, Germany for over 140 years.

Niessing was originally founded in 1873 as a workshop for devotional objects, with wedding rings also being produced beside ecclesiastical ornaments. Today, Niessing is one of the top manufacturers of premium, contemporary German jewellery design.

It is easy to recognize Niessing jewellery. Each piece embodies a fundamental concept - the essence of a form, a material, or a technique. Trust your intuition - you can always tell which piece of jewellery is genuinely Niessing. With a tradition of fine craftsmanship, you can enjoy the very best in contemporary jewellery.


Award Winning Design

The Niessing Tension ring is an award winning original design which has been included in the collections of museums, recognized as a piece of art in 2001, and it is protected by copyright.


The Busse Long-life Design Award was given to the Niessing Tension ring in 1999. Designed by Walter Wittek, is remains a design classic.

Niessing is always being recognised and awarded in the field of design innovation from various bodies including Red Dot and the Platinum Guild. Take a look at their full repetoire!


The Niessing and Element jewellery Love Affair

Element’s relationship began with Niessing in 2006, and we have been learning about and falling in love with Niessing since then.

A trip to their workshops in 2007 introduced us to their philosophies and techniques. We have shared our expert knowledge with many Niessing customers, and as we continue to learn, we love to share.

Free Niessing Downloads

For Free Advice and Downloads about Niessing, please browse the Element Jewellery bookshelf. Should you require any printed material, please feel free to request a physical copy, and we will post this to you Free of Charge. Or read the Element Jewellery Blog for Niessing insights.



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Can I specify a different metal, width, diamond?

Yes indeed! Please use the drop down menus to select your preferred precious metal and width for your Niessing Wedding Ring - you will be given an up-to-date price for your selection. The price does not vary for different finger sizes or finishes applied to your ring.



Can I see an actual sample of the ring featured online or any variations?

At Element Jewellery in Hebden Bridge, we have maquettes of all Classic Niessing Wedding Ring profiles in stock. These rings are in one size only, so they may or may not fit you. You'll be able to try on lots of variations of all of the eight profiles from the Classic Niessing Wedding Ring Collection.


For all other rings, we will usually state in the description of the product whether or not we have it in stock for you to be able to view. We recommend calling ahead to make sure, as our stock changes on a daily basis.


Where we do not have a particular ring in stock, we can typically obtain a ring (although it may not be to the exact specification that you require) within one or two weeks. We will be able to keep the ring for your viewing for about a week.



How should I order on-line

To place your order online, simply select the metal and width, your finger size and the finish you require for each of the Classic Niessing Wedding Rings. When we receive your order, we will be in touch straightaway to confirm or help you to decide upon - your finger size, the finish your require, other specific personalisation details, deadlines and delivery details. 


For all online orders, we require full payment. For orders over £500, we will take additional steps to protect against fraud, by requesting further information. We hope you don’t mind. Please read here for further details.



Can I order at Element in Hebden Bridge?

Yes, please feel free to visit Element, where you can order your Niessing Wedding Ring. We will guide you in your choices, looking at profiles, widths, metals and finishes using a beautifully designed Niessing Wedding Ring Collection. We will also measure your finger with specialised Niessing measuring rings.


We will ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit. The balance of your order will be payable when the item is ready for your collection or for delivery to a verified address. 



How long will it take to make my ring?

Typically, it will take between 4-6 weeks for your Niessing ring to be handmade in Germany, hallmarked in the UK, and delivered to you.


We're sorry to say that this cannot be guaranteed, and we would certainly advise you of any likely delays. If you have a specific deadline you are working towards we will endeavour to meet this for you.



What is your refunds and exchange policy?

Due to the individual nature of your specific Niessing Wedding RIng, you will not be able to return your item for a full refund. However, subject to the discretion of the Element team, we may offer to refund you up to a maximum of 75% only, or alternatively by means of an exchange or credit note (valid for 12 months).



The ring I ordered does not fit me, what should I do?

In the event that the size you ordered does not fit, please notify us within 7 days of receiving your ring.


If you have worn your ring for up to 4 weeks after purchase, your ring can be exchanged or resized free-of-charge by Niessing. However, there will be a charge of £60 to cover Fedex fees to and from Niessing in Germany.


Should you wish for your Niessing ring to be re-sized by one of Element’s jewellers in the UK, the fee would be £25 plus any associated postage fees for a simple wedding band using a traditional stretching technique. This method for this fee may not be possible on all rings. Therefore, please call for a quotation and also to verify whether or not a re-size is possible. We will advise on the best technique to be used, and aim to provide a quotation with 1 day. Typically speaking, diamond set eternity rings cannot be resized. In some instances, a re-sized ring may need to be re-hallmarked. A one-off hallmarking fee is £40.


For rings that have been worn after 4 weeks after purchase, the following charges apply (if technically possible):


Single metal rings without diamonds - £40 plus Fedex fees of £60 - total £100
Multi-metal rings without diamonds - £100 plus Fedex fees of £60 - total £160 
Per additional diamond - £25


Please be aware that it is not possible to resize a Niessing Tension ring due to the nature of the design and manufacturing techniques. 



How much does it cost to re-rhodium plate my white gold ring? 

To have your white gold ring re-rhodium plated by Niessing would be £150 including Fedex fees to and from Niessing in Germany. To have your ring re-rhodium plated in the UK, it would be approximately £40 plus any postage. Please note, costs vary depending on the size, depth and width of your ring.


Your ring will be rhodium plated with a thick layer of plating (2.5-3.0 micron thickness) to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Replating will not fill in scratches or imperfections, therefore often jewellery will need cleaning and repolishing before it is replated.


Please also be aware that as with any precious metal that has been alloyed, the colour of rhodium can be different, so if you are trying to match the colour of the rhodium plate to another ring, we recommend having two rings done together to avoid any colour differences.


Is my Niessing ring guaranteed?

Your Niessing Wedding Ring is guaranteed for 12 months, from the date of the original purchase. This means that Element guarantee to replace or repair your jewellery should there be a defect due to original workmanship within 12 months. We hope you understand that if you have accidentally or otherwise mishandled your jewellery, this guarantee does not apply.


Examples of defects due to original workmanship include: poorly set gemstones or diamonds, badly finished metal with sharp edges. Please be aware that all Niessing rings are created by hand using traditional forging techniques. Casting is not an adopted technique in the Niessing workshops.


Examples of defects due to mishandling would include:
Damaged metal or gemstones due to contact with corrosive substances
Scratches on the surface of the metal or diamonds & gemstones due to knocks or scrapes.


Please be aware that the guarantee is for 12 months, regardless of how many times you have worn your Element jewellery. This is subject to the discretion of Element staff, and we would of course look at every case individually.


We encourage you to understand if your household insurance policy covers you for accidental loss/theft/damage to your precious jewellery.



How will I receive my Niessing ring through the post? 

It's an exciting time to receive your ring through the post, and we'll make sure that your ring is packaged beautifully, along with any Niessing certification. 

For all customers within the UK and Ireland, we will use Royal Mail Special Delivery postage, which will insures your jewellery during transit, and it is guranteed to arrive next day before 1pm. Please note, this requires a signature as proof of delivery.


For all International customers, we will use Royal Mail International Signed For. This requires a signature as proof of delivery. Your ring will be insured during transit, subject to the first £250. Delivery timescales vary.


As part of our security measures, we will only send your Niessing ring to the address you provided as the address your card is registered to. If you would like us to send your ring to an alternative address, we may ask for further identity details. 



I am ordering from overseas and I would like to avoid paying VAT please. 

If you are a non-UK or non-Republic of Ireland resident, we can VAT zero-rate your jewellery. Please contact us to arrange this for you.

niessing UK stockist

Should you wish to try on the various Niessing wedding rings, we’d love to welcome you to our contemporary jewellery boutique in Hebden Bridge.

Element house a fabulous and playful collection of the full range of classic Niessing Wedding Rings in 8 different profiles, various widths, finishes and metals. Try on as many options as you like and choose the rings that are right for you and your partner.

Here is a 6-step Guide to help you to choose your perfect Niessing Wedding Ring. Written in Niessing's own words!

1 / Shape

The ring's shape is what primarily determines its character. Do you prefer the form language to be straightforward and clear, or are soft, flowing transitions more important to you? Do you want your ring to be vigorous and voluminous or rather subtle and slight?


In addition to purely aesthetic aspects, the ring's shape also determines the comfort of wearing it. A ring that is slightly curved on the inside, for instance, is very comfortable to wear. Trying on the ring at Element Jewellery is the best way to find out more about its ergonomics.


2 / Width

The ring should correspond to your personality, not only with regard to shape and profile, but also when it comes to the ring's width. Do you want your ring to be a discrete symbol or do you wish to make a mark?


One and the same ring may appear either very delicate or very powerful according to its width. We manufacture our rings finely adjusted to the half millimeter, made to measure to suit your ideas and your personality.


3 / Colour

What is your colour type? What are your favorite colours? Does gold fascinate you or do you love platinum for its understatement? Niessing offers seven different shades of gold and pure white platinum in order to meet the preferences of individual personalities.

Perhaps this wide choice will be a surprise you, but you will find out very soon which material and which color suit you best. By all means should you touch the »true« rings, feel their weight, and select the color that is right for you.

4 /  Texture

You can choose from five different surface textures. Each of these textures has its very own characteristic effect. A glossy finish, for instance, will reflect your surrounding, constantly changing the ring's appearance, while a satin finish will more clearly bring out the ring's shape.

And all surfaces will change with time. No matter how hard the metal, life will always leave its marks on it. Of course you can have the rings refinished. But perhaps you would rather have the rings tell their story. It is your life and up to you to define the starting point.

5 / Diamonds

The brilliant cut diamond fascinates with 57 facets. It refracts light into its spectrum and reflects almost all of it. The Niessing manufacturers have experience of many decades in handling diamonds. We will provide the proper setting and secure hold for your stone.

All gemstones are chosen according to the quality standards of the CIBJO. You may wish to have a diamond included immediately or you may add it later on. Your future together will hold enough opportunities.

6 / Engraving

The engraving – usually a motto, a message, or a little secret – makes your ring truly personal and a unique piece of jewelry. Apart from different typefaces and techniques, such as laser, diamond, or manual engraving, you can also have a facsimile engraving, for instance of a personal drawing or your own handwriting.

We will make sure that you find the form that is exactly right for you. Give your relationship a thought to find the words or symbols best suited to express it.