Jewellery Care

A little jewellery care advice from Element in three steps – Protect Clean and Store

Jewellery care

At Element, our two greatest passions are our customers and contemporary designer jewellery. We want the two of you to be happy together in a meaningful relationship for a very long time! Like all the best things in life, your jewellery lasts longer and looks better when it’s loved, cherished and cared for.

We’ve simplified our jewellery care instructions into an easy-to-follow guide that you can incorporate into your busy routines.


  • Get those marigolds out! Detergents are harmful to jewellery so it’s best to de-bling before you start those household chores.
  • Skinny dipping is the best advice when it comes to jewellery. Chlorine, salt water and fresh water will damage your precious gems and metals.
  • Feel free to take a bath or shower wearing your jewellery but reach for the polishing cloth, along with your towel, as soap and water will leave a thin film making your jewellery seem dull.
  • As you pop on your climbing boots, please pop off your rocks! Silver and gold are soft metals and not advisable for outdoor pursuits or indoor DIY.
  • We know you love glamour, but please complete your beauty regime before you adorn yourself in jewellery. Perfume, hair spray, make-up and other beautifying products simply don’t mix well with contemporary jewellery.


  • Jewellery likes to be wrapped up safely in a soft cloth or acid-free tissue, and on its own, so that it doesn’t become scratched or damaged by other pieces.
  • When it’s ‘off duty’ your contemporary designer jewellery loves to be cosseted in a soft pouch or box. 


  • We all look beautiful after a good old wash, and jewellery is no exception! Just like the car you drive, once in a while, jewellery benefits from an MOT. A good professional clean by a jeweller will help you and your precious baubles stay together longer.
  • Regular home cleaning will also keep your rocks sparkling. A mild soap and water solution along with a soft brush is the best option for most jewellery. After a soapy, sumptuous bath carefully dry your precious jewels with a lint-free cloth.

Please consult Element Contemporary Jewellery for further advice if you are unsure about cleaning or caring for your jewellery.