A few words of advice

Choosing Wedding Rings

Shape and Width

You'll be wearing your wedding ring for an eternity, so the shape is probably the first thing to have a think about. Do you prefer a classic profile with a medium width, or would you like more of a statement with a broad chunky ring? It may be that you need to wear a very slender or even a shaped wedding ring that sits alongside your engagement ring.

You may even fancy a shape that doesn't conform to tradition; a shape that symbolises something meaningful in your relationship. It is possible to create a Bespoke Wedding ring from any ideas you may have - it may just be the seed of an idea or something more fully formed. However far you have got, we can interpret your ideas and create a completely unique wedding ring for you.

View our gallery of unusual wedding rings for ideas.



You may love the idea of a beautifully made traditional plain gold wedding band, but this may not truly reflect your style. The wedding ring designers that we work with cover styles from a simple and pure aesthetic to more contemporary designs where combinations of metals, texture and form are used to create brilliant and beautiful rings.

One thing I often say to customers is that you should love your wedding rings more and more every day, and I think if you take the time to consider you as a person now and how you think you may be as a person in years to come - you'll make the right choice today!


Metal and Finish

Fortunately, in chosing your wedding ring, it's highly likely that the ring you really would like can be made in a precious metal that you have fallen in love with. Please read our precious metal guide where you'll find out about hardness, durability, purity and price.



A little sparkle, and the symbolism of setting a diamond into your wedding ring can be a lovely and sentimental added touch. We asked a few of our jewellers what they thought, and gathered their opinions. Feel free to have a read, or to browse our selection of diamond set wedding rings for some ideas.

Ultimately, it's important to try on a few wedding rings so you have an appreciation of fit and feel.

Element Jewellery have over ten years of experience in helping customers to choose their wedding rings, and we'd love to give you the same guidance in our Hebden Bridge boutique.