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  • All About Niessing

    Posted by Caroline Kindy 1 Jul 2014 13:45:31


    The jewellers' jeweller 

    Niessing are often referred to as "the jewellers' jeweller", and we have certainly been seduced by an incredibly high level of quality, craftsmanship flair, and the overall Niessing experience.

    We have sold Niessing since 2006, and we love bringing their world to our customers. There's a wealth of information on the Niessing website; but since you've arrived here, please sit back, relax and enjoy this mini insight with a few words and pictures (estimated reading time 3 mins!).


    Where It all began

    Niessing was founded in 1873 by Hermann Niessing, where ecclesiastical ornaments alongside wedding bands were produced in their workshops in Vreden (where it is still located today).

    Almost 100 years later, the current Niessing philosophy for contemporary design that pushes boundries with beautiful materials was laid by Ursula Exner (daughter to Bernhardine and Franz Niessing), and Max von Hausen (a professor in architecture).

    Design is truly at the heart

    Niessing jewellery is so distinct, and it really does show that every piece has been created with design and innovation inherent to Niessing. Design is an all-encompassing mission for any designer employed by Niessing. The smallest detail is obsessively important, and each design matures before it can be realized. A team of jewellers and designers work a piece of jewellery to perfection until everyone is satisfied with the result.

    niessing design

    Awards and international pursuits

    Niessing have amassed some 25 awards from various Design-led organisations, including the prolific Red-Dot International Design Awards. 

    The Niessing Tension Ring is an award winning original design which has been included in the collections of museums, recognized as a piece of art in 2001, and it is protected by copyright.

    The Busse Long-life Design Award was given to the Niessing Tension ring in 1999. Designed by Walter Wittek, is remains a design classic.

     niessing materials

    How fabulous that in owning a piece of Niessing jewellery, you are - in effect - owning a piece of design history.

    Niessing opened its first store in 1999 in hip Berlin. And just 7 years later, Niessing opened in Tokyo. With an international following, feel free to consider yourself a jewellery and design afficionado when you purchase your first piece of Niessing.


    Only the best

    WIth the purest design principles in play, only the best materials are used by Niessing master jewellers. Platinum, Gold in various colours and alloys, diamonds of the finest grade are all used to create an amazing repetoir of rings and dress jewellery.

    Niessing design acheives a beautiful balance between form and function, and it appeals to all senses. Dramatic statement pieces are counter-balanced with delicate methods of folding paper thin sheets of gold and platinum, or blending subtle tones of the purest alloys. You simply have to hold, see or touch a Niessing creation to understand its quality and personality.

    incredible new designs and techniques

    Constantly evolving but always remaining true to their design philosophies, Niessing is certain to remain one of the world's leading jewellery design companies.

    Expect challenging design, inspiring ways to work with the world's most precious materials, continued perfection of setting diamonds, all wrapped up in the beauty of Niessing.


    niessing new jewellery

    The image above shows new pieces from Niessing in 2014.