Nixon has landed

Nixon watches return to Element, and this time the design is even cooler. Can that be possible? A range of 20 or so watches for you to feast you eyes on. We invite you to come in, try on, buy if you can, but ultimately just to share in the uber-cool world of Nixon.

At Element, the majority of our customers aren’t strictly speaking surf/snow/skate, but all of our customers love good design and beautifully packaged products.

Nixon collaborate with designers & cool peeps who share their values of making things better or making better things, and launched a collection of watches and other useful stuff that are unapologetically bold and wearable.

Nixon is really young, and they started their brand, their way of life, in Southern Californian in 1998. They are now infact a French company with offices near to Biaritz in a surf town called Soorts-Hossegor. There are 2 European too cool Nixon flagship stores in Paris and London.

The world of Nixon is truly inspiring and I could spend hours on their website scrolling through stories and lusting after product!

We look forward to seeing you at little ol’ Element in Hebden Bridge and showing you what we think is a collection of watches you can’t go wrong with.